Skype for Business (formerly Lync 2013) App Reviews

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Remarkably unusable

Joining voice calls is reliable, and shared screens functionality works well on the app. The major frustration is chat. Chats from colleagues dont appear unless Ive initiated the chat and keep the app open, theres no working chat history, and contact search does not work for my organization. Mine is a 150,000+ employee professional services firm, and we need a reliable chat service on the go. This is NOT it. To offer blame where due, Skype and Lync also had serious and similar chat limitations before the acquisition. With so many alternatives in messaging, Im shocked neither team independently, nor the SFB folks now, are capable of solving this problem.

Beautiful, easy and feature rich

Beautiful, easy and feature rich

Below Standard

Will not sync phone chat to pc. Sometimes lets you Join meeting sometimes it quits on you. Could not receive calls on Phone Not worth the space it uses on my phone

Useful, Fast, Growing

Skype for Business has come a long way, as has iOS. Phonekit integration makes S4B a viable, well executed candidate for our support teams needs. Keep up the good work.

Needs a lot of help

Meetings crash frequently. You can not join a video meeting anymore. This is not a business class product.

IM history not consistent

IM history seem to be very unstable. Sometimes history doesnt get saved for active chats. Other cases the history seem to vanish from the window within a few minutes after concluding the chat..!!

Great for distributed teams

Are use Skype for business every day to communicate with my team which is distributed all around the world. I rely equally on the desktop application as well as the mobile one. Over the past year the application has improved tremendously. The only thing on my wish list that I have not seen is persistent chat. For that reason I give it four stars, but Im optimistic that in the future persistent chat will be introduced and I can give it five stars. One of my favorite recent additions is the introduction the a phone API in iOS which means that Skype now behaves a lot like the phone app and deals with things like incoming calls while youre already on another call even if the other call is not a Skype call. Keep up the good work guys.


Wish they would fix the bugs in this...sometimes you get a message but cant IM back and message disappears altogether. Gets pretty frustrating

Awesome App for IT professionals

Helps me track the IM messages and upcoming meetings etc., no need to stick to the laptop all the time.

Need the option to clear all unread contacts

I use this app at times when I am away from my desk. I often have numerous contact during the day where I am contacted on the desktop and the mobile app. I do not like to manually reset each contact on my mobile when I handled on my desktop.

This version stopped working for me

Normally love the app but have been unable to login and use it ever since upgrading. I keep getting a message that server is unavailable and try again later. Worked great before upgrading to this version

Horrible for wifi

I tried to use it for long lately , it doesnt show up any calls recevied

Saves my life when I need to take a call from home

Really good for those on-the-go emergencies when I need to take a call from home.

I wish I could rate it 0 stars

Worst application Ive ever used. The chat feature is worthless, because every chat conversation/instance is treated separately, so no syncing of conversations across devices. If your company switches to this, youll miss important IMs from colleagues. Use MS Teams instead. Skype Biz is only good for internal screen sharing and calling international colleagues.

Very useful

Using this app with my team. Works great.


I just updated and the iOS call integration is gone! Why would features be removed?

Just a bit more effort

The reason this app gets one star is because it doesnt sync up with skype on ones computer. This is the simplest most basic piece of functionality a messaging app should do. If I send a message from my phone to a coworker, I should be able to see it on my computer. If I receive a message on my phone from a coworker, read it, then wish to respond via computer, the message USUALLY DOES NOT SHOW UP ON THE COMPUTER. Highly frustrating, Groupme has been doing this for years guys, literally years.

Persistent chat. PLEASE.

S4B is basically a useless chat client if each chat instance with the same person is listed in the app as a separate conversation.

Doesnt sync across devices

Why doesnt this sync across devices? Come on Microsoft, fix this!

Doesnt save password: fixed!

Fixed! Even though option to save password is checked on login screen. Have to input password every time app is used.

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