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Delete multiple threads

Hi, Please add the ability to delete multiples chat Threads in a raw. Thanks


Very nice app. #im_lovin_it

Improvements urgently required

App non fit for mobility. Fonts too small, mute / unmute button unreacheable with a single tap... The days of the old skype app are forgotten... That was an app we could use on an iPhone. To be improved urgently, such a working tool is now a shame. No sync between PC and mobile, no history recorded on mobile ... similar apps are much more user friendly

Great app

Easy to use and good functionality

Works fine but with missing features

Im missing mainly the whiteboard and apple pen support, which I hope should be not a big deal to add! If desktop/APP share would be add as well it would be great to share my office 365 documents as well... Otherwise it works for me...thanks to have that on an iPad!!! Great benefit!

Notifications doesnt work

I never get notifications for message or call

New update with bug

When you search for a name of you contacts Skype for business is crushing and shuts down. Dont update! Guys from MS please remove this bug.

Worst Chat App

No notifications unless you are currently in the app, and if you open the app you get all missed notifications, for each sentence a separate chat, even from same person...what a waste...

Many things to be improved

Just to remind you: while Skype, Hangouts and other good conference tools are free you have to pay for an office 365 subscription to be able to use this app. But anyway this app is really crap as other current Microsoft apps (Outlook). As others wrote many things do not work, e. g. Conference calls with Skype users or starting a presentation with is available on OneDrive. I really need to consider leaving the Microsoft universe.

CallKit anyone?

Promised CallKit support in Oct is still not there, but I doubt that it can save this unreliable app. 2 stars only because 1 star goes to new Skype for Business Mac client. Its sad that Microsoft releases this trash for iOS and macOS users. From liking Microsoft, I am starting to hate it.

Flaky and less functionality

Stops sending notifications after around 48 hours leading to missed calls and messages. Not fixed many versions later.

very poor

barely works with my iPhone 5s. Status is wonky and cant even reply to some messages

Not reliable, doesnt update.

Honestly, this app needs a revamp. I dont receive messages on my phone quickly at all, I need to close and reopen the app to see any new messages. In addition, it doesnt synch conversations or update them from my computer which can be frustrating. Not reliable at all, which is a shame because it has the potential to be a really useful app.

It functions, just not well

Maybe you guys should take a look at how Slack works. Skype always says that my Exchange login credentials are invalid when I switch to the app, even though they are correct. It keeps my logged in though. I really hope you guys spend some time to revamp this messenger.


Absolutely love that this easy communication tool is for MY WORK! Thank you Microsoft for making my life easier at work!!


This app is essential for business that operate on Skype. Just very sad to see Microsoft is not paying enough attention to it. Its buggy and the UI is weak.

Terrible app

The fact that there is no sync between the desktop program and the iOS app is downright infuriating. I will get a "missed" conversation notification on my phone and only be able to read the first few words that shows up in the notification. When I touch the notification it takes me to write a new message and the original message to me cannot be read. It is completely gone. Also I cannot pick up a conversation started on my desktop where I left off on my phone and visa versa. Absolutely abismal app design.

I dont think I could hate this app any more than I do

Its so bad. Conversations dont sync, credentials done take, notifications for messages arent consistent AT ALL. Microsoft has lots of great apps that I use daily for work, this just isnt one of them.

I cannot message colleagues

When I log in, my status remains as Inactive. Also my colleagues statuses are incorrect which makes this app useless for me

Simple and effective

Super simple and effective

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